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08/25/2021 Update from Jan @ MOCP
Exciting news that we want to share is that we have more than reached our goal for Malawi education and scholarships!It is with grateful hearts that we share this information as so many people make this possible. Recently a small church up north of us chose to support one young man for four years of college in Malawi! That will be life changing for him. It will give him an avenue out of poverty! He plans to study “health sciences” and what a difference that will make one day. There are so few medical professionals in Malawi! So I am excited to share with you that 73 young people will be continuing their high school educations, six young ladies will be going to boarding school, two students will be attending the National High School of Malawi (very prestigious), and two young men will be in college! Our college guys are “Precious” and “Blessings” and I would ask you for your prayers for them and their success! We ask for prayers for all the orphans, and also for the wonderful women who so selflessly support the cooking of meals and caring of the kids. We have recently had two churches sign our Covenant Membership in support of Malawi Orphan Care Project. We know that God has been faithful in all of this growth! Praise be to God!

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