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Prayer Request


Use the form above to submit a prayer request. If you would like the prayer to be read at our next Sunday Worship then check the appropriate checkbox on the top of the form. After a member approves your Prayer Request it will become viewable on this page, unless you indicated the prayer is to be viewable by Journey of Faith Members Only.
Please take care in posting prayer request that contain last names. Although the Church is not subject to HIPAA policies, some discretion and care should be used to protect and respect the privacy of individuals. If you are not sure the person would want the details revealed, then do not list the last names. If last names are used, please check the Checkbox labeled "Contains Last Name, No Privacy Issues"

Below is a listing a previously posted Prayer Request

FromDate PostedPrayer
juliette badon3/4/2016
Jonathan Ashbeck2/9/2016
juliette badon12/29/2015
daniel defor12/1/2015
juliette badon10/7/2015
Jonathan Ashbeck10/6/2015
Jamal Cheatham8/16/2015
brown nancy8/12/2015